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Ruby Dragon & Kyauk Seinn Nagar, Myanmar (Burma)

Ruby Dragon & Kyauk Seinn Nagar, Myanmar (Burma)
Special Region (6) Paoh National



              The Place of Origin and Its Properties. The massive Jade stone or the gigantic jade dyke was found in Phakant at the block No.109 of Nanthmaw mining block. The place in about 900 feet above sea level. The area of the mining block is about one acre. That huge massive jade stone was found lying about 40 feet in the ground. .Now it is being drugged to totally and come into shape to be seen its imperial jade beauty. It can be known as the jade dragon partly because it is the worlds largest jade stone but chiefly its rare find of good quality and weighs over 3000 tons. It is seventy (70) feet long, 20 feet high and 16 feet wide. Its crystal composition is smooth and delicate as it is Jadeite jade. The colour ranges from white to purple, blue and deep green. There's also many dykes very promising to be the precious ones. The Ruby Dragon Jade & Gems Company Welcome heartily to those who proudly want to see the jade Dragon Phakant Region if they have a mind to. You can have a good choice for any kinds of jade jewellary.


Ruby Dragon & Kyauk Seinn Nagar, Myanmar (Burma)


Secretary-1 addresses ceremony to donate over 3,000 tons Massive Jade Dyke to the State


YANGON, 26 May - A ceremony to donate the Massive Jade Dyke weighing over 3,000 tons discovered by Ruby Dragon Jade & Gems Co Ltd of Pa-O National Peace Group and Jade Dragon (Gems) Co Ltd to the State was held at the Traders Hotel on Sule Pagoda Road this evening, with an address by Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt.

First, member of Central Committee of the Pa-O National Peace Group in-charge of special economic affairs U Nay Win Tun reported on extraction process of the Massive Jade Dyke weighing over 3,000 tons. He said on 22 December 1995, the Ruby Dragon Jade & Gems Co Ltd was established in accordance with the law and gem mining was carried out in line with the rules and regulations set by the State in Mongshu region in Shan State and Phakant region in Kachin State. At present 71 blocks in Mongshu region and 66 blocks at Namhmaw in Phakant region have been allotted for gem mining.

In so doing, although gem mining in Mongshu region has succeeded, there was little success in Phakant region till 1998. Success is achieved only when the present system (tunnelling system) is used, he added. During the first three years, the company was not successful at the plot where the Great Jade was unearthed. With diligence, manpower, finance and machinery, gem mining continued and the world's biggest jade was found.

Gem mining was undertaken by Ruby Dragon Jade and Gems Co Ltd in cooperation with the State. Altogether 800 viss of uncut gems including ruby mined in Mongshu region and 50,000 viss of uncut jade found in Phakant region, were put on sale at Gem Emporium and they fetched over US $ 11 million. Over US $ six million has already been paid to the State.

As a private enterprise, about 50,000 viss of uncut gems including ruby and 200,000 viss of uncut jade were mined during the period of seven years and they fetched K 15,200 million and US $ 10 million. Altogether K 617 million for allotment of the plots and K 35 million and US $ one million for gem tax have already been paid to the State. The interests gained due to the goodwill of the State towards the national organizations and people and efforts carried out under the systematic disciplines of PaO National Race Leader U Aung Kham Hti, have been invested to extend the agriculture tasks, the cement plant, jade finishing services and gold mining tasks in Wuntho Kawlin region.

As regards agriculture sector, altogether 5,106 acres of land in Nanthe plantation in Inle region, Nyaungshwe Township, 5,000 acres in Hsiakkaung region in Hsihseng Township and 500 acres in Tanai region in Kachin State have been reclaimed and put under plants. Likewise, plans are underway to set up a 600-ton cement plant in Tekyit region, Pinlaung Township, Shan State (South). The jade finishing factory has already established in Mandalay, he added. The finding of the great jade was reported to national race leader U Aung Kham Hti and he said it should be owned by the State, that it should be donated to the State and that the State, the whole people and the generations to come should own it as an historic gem. As the State accepted the donation, national race leader U Aung Kham Hti and the national people delightfully donated it to the State, he said. Chairman of PaO National Peace Group U Aung Kham Hti explained purpose of the donation of massive jade dyke.

He said: Head of State Senior General Than Shwe has guided that as our country is rich in natural resources including land and water resources, the nation will develop when all the citizens work hard with goodwill. Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt also has mentioned that Myanmar is endowed with various kinds of precious stones, Phakant region is well-known for jade mining and it can contribute towards the progress of national economy effectively. Measures will be taken for ensuring economic development as well as education, health and social development of the Phakant region, said the Secretary-1. U Aung Kham Hti continued to say: since 1988 Myanmar has been practising market oriented economic system. In the years of 1989 and 1990, altogether 17 armed groups have returned to the legal fold and almost all the regions in the country have become peaceful. Myanmar precious gems can now be traded legally.

Accordingly, the national gem traders who are undertaking gem business legally can earn incomes increasingly. Myanmar jade has earned a significant reputation in the world market. The PaO National Peace Group, the Ruby Dragon Jade and Gems Co Ltd and the Jade Dragon (Jewellery) Co Ltd have been doing gem mining business in 66 allotted plots. In so doing, the mining works have been carried out in plot No 109 since 5-5-2000. At that plot, the massive jade dyke weighing over 3,000 tons was discovered. Our groups firmly believe that the world's largest jade was found in our country due to the goodwill and immense cetana of State Leaders. It is to be attributed to the correct economic objectives of the State and the achievement of national reconsolidation.

The finding of this massive jade dyke is not merely a victory of PaO National Peace Group so also a victory of 135 national races or over 50 million people of Myanmar. We have traditionally believed that donation of a precious stone brings good luck and wealth to the donor as well as to the receiver. We assumed that it is better to hand over the world's interested massive jade dyke to the State than keeping in our possession. We have now unanimously decided to donate this massive jade dyke to the State which has already possessed the world's largest ruby, the world's largest sapphire, the world's largest peridot and the world's largest pearl. Next, PaO National Peace Group Chairman U Aung Kham Hti and PaO National Peace Group CEC member in charge of special economic undertakings U Nay Win Tun handed over the miniature figure of the massive jade dyke and its related documents to Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt. The Secretary-1 presented to them a certificate of honour and a honorary medal. Then, Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt spoke words of thanks.

The Secretary-1 said that today is a very auspicious day, and everybody should be proud of the act of donating to the State the benefits gained through working hard on the allotted plot of the gems land. It is a very noble act of Ruby Dragon Jade and Gems Co Ltd of PaO Peace Group and Jade Dragon (Gems) Co Ltd to donate an invaluable big block of jade with the attitude that it is more appropriate to keep the big block of jade as a thing owned by the public and the State. They should be regarded as those imbued with nationalistic spirit.

The Union of Myanmar is a nation at which other nations are casting covetous eye, as it is world-famous for its inexhaustible precious gems. Although the nation is endowed with precious gems, there are some significant events and belief. Myanmar people believe that only when there are those who are loyal to the State, their people and business partners and have strong morals, can gems and jade of high quality be found. Today the Sasana is flourishing in the Union of Myanmar, and significant gems are also emerging. A big block of marble which has been carved into Lawka Chantha Abhaya Labha Muni Buddha Image, a big ruby stone which can be termed the biggest in the world, a natural pearl which is the biggest of its kind in the world and a big block of jade weighing over 3,000 tons which has been donated today have emerged. These are Myanma gems which every Myanmar should be proud of. The donation of this invaluable jade by Ruby Dragon Jade and Gems of PaO Peace Group and Jade Dragon (Gems) Co Ltd to the State and the people is a very generous deed.

Today the State Peace and Development Council is making all-out efforts for the stability, peace and tranquillity and modernization of the Union of Myanmar. When the Tatmadaw started to assume the duty of State, it has, with the spirit of national solidarity and Union Spirit, invited all the national organizations which were launching armed opposition against the State; as a result, 17 armed national groups returned to the legal fold. The Government has made necessary arrangements to promote the unity and friendship, mutual understanding and the spirit of reliance among all the national organizations. The Government has also seen to it that they are able to do business. Arrangements have been made to enable the national organizations to do business such as gems mining. As the national organizations have worked hard with the aim of serving the interests of the people and the State, their business has become successful.

The emergence of the big block of jade weighing over 3,000 tons can be attributed to the loyalty of all PaO nationals led by PaO leader U Aung Kham Hti to the State. The Secretary-1 continued to say that achievements have been made in other business including agriculture and tourism services of Pa-O national peace group. The government has been making efforts for stability of the State and for peace and national solidarity among national races. It has also been promoting national economic life for national development, he said. He said the government gave encouragement to the State and national economic enterprises as a policy in order to achieve progress in their enterprises and to be strong in national economic life.

At this time, national peace groups in the regions where peace was restored have participated in the government's endeavours to uplift of national economic life. The success of strong economic enterprise is the basis foundation for perpetuation of the Union and a emergence of a modern developed nation, he said. He said the successful business of national private entrepreneurs including national groups means to bring about genuine interest of the State. With this concept, the government is giving encouragement to the entrepreneurs for success of the private economic sector, he added. With the success of the national private economy, the government believed they would repay the government's gratitude in accord with Myanmar customs and they would participate in national development tasks, he said.

He said it is encouraging to note that successful national entrepreneurs have taken part in education, health, social and other religious sectors with added momentum. Special Region-2 Pa-O peace group has gained progress in strong economic enterprises such as agriculture, gems and tourism. We witnessed the fact that the group participated in education, health, social sectors, development tasks and the tasks of propagation of the Sasana. After making peace with the government, the Pa-O peace group donated K 700 million for education, health, social sectors and development and religious tasks that would bring about the interest for the nation and the people, he said. According to the experts, the great jade weighing over 3,000 tons is of high quality and it is very valuable and a rare one. The Pa-O peace group deservingly mined the great jade and donated the jade to the State and the people generously.

Such donation showed noble attitude of Pa-O nationals. The Secretary-1 thanked Pa-O leaders and nationals. In conclusion, the Secretary-1 wished enjoyment of results for making donations and prosperity of Pa-O leaders and nationals'. The Secretary-1 and party hosted dinner in honour of the guests. Pa-O peace group of Special Region-6, Ruby Dragon Jade and Gems Co Ltd and Jade Dragon (Gems) Co Ltd mined the great jade weighing over 3,000 tons at 40 feet under the ground at Nanthmawphaw block No 109, Nanthmaw Village, Phakant Township, Kachin State with the use of tunnel system. It is 70 feet long, 16 feet wide and 30 feet high dyke.

The dyke was covered by serpentine and this crystal has white green and violet in colour. The dyke consists of jade quality and it is rare and of great value.